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Experience the latest in home theater technology without having to learn about how it all works. We take your style, add our years of experience, the best equipment for your space, and you'll have a home theater that you can't wait to show off.

It's all the little things that come together to create an amazing movie experience. To start, a projector and screen (or wall mounted TV) are chosen based on your room size and ambiant light level. We work with you to select the best speakers for your space and interior design; you have options like 7.1 surround sound with floor standing speakers for a dramatic look or the latest Dolby Atmos sound with discreet and invisible in wall and in ceiling speakers.

You don't have to remember to draw the window shades if they're automated to close with the push of button from your universal remote control. Where do the components like the DVD player and cable box go? We can hide all of them in a professional quality rack in an equipment closet. Just settle into the new cushy home theater seating, press one button on the remote (instead of five), and you're ready for the perfect home theater experience.

Take a top notch projector and screen or a huge TV, add heart shaking sound and you have a good time waiting. Finish it off with ultra quiet automated window shades, comfortable theater seating, and an easy to use universal remote to put it all together and you have a home theater experience that anyone would long for.


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