Commercial Equipment

For retail, corporate, education, luxury transport, and hospitality.

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Commercial Equipment for Longevity

Commercial grade equipment can withstand the long hours and continuous use a commercial environment demands, but it also needs a specialist to install it and set it up correctly.

An automation system with thermostat control can simplify life by changing temperatures automatically or you can easily change the temperature from a keypad or an app on your phone. You can set all the lights to turn on prior to your first employees arriving for the day, set lighting scenes for events, and have a special emergency lighting mode for security with an lighting control system.

You can trust that with our years of industry knowledge your system will be set up correctly and you can call us anytime something isn't running perfectly.

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Smart Automation

Open the app on your smart phone or use
a touchscreen to control anything
in your business.

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automatic window shades

Automated Window Shades

Raise and lower your automated
window shades with just a click.
They're so quiet, you won't believe it.

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Smart Lighting

Control your lighting with preset
scenes for everyday, presentations,
and nighttime modes.

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Commercial Music Systems

Enjoy your favorite music in each room
or office with easy control.

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Flat screen television with speakers

Audio/Video Equipment

Let us spec and supply the best equipment for
your needs. We're dealers for brands like Samsung,
LG, Nest, Lutron, Kef, MartinLogan and more.

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Thermostat Control

Save energy and money by using the automation system to control the
temperature of only rooms in use.

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