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Q: What is a Smart Home?
A: A home with systems that are automated by a control system like Crestron or Elan. The automation controls systems like automated window shades, whole house music, entertainment systems, lighting systems, thermostats, and more. Learn more about home automation.

Q: What type of Smart Home systems does Omega Media Solutions sell?
A: We offer automated window shade systems, Lighting Systems control, Nest thermostats, and music systems for your home theater or living room. We work with your electrician for the automated lights and your security installers for the smart home security system integration. Learn more about home automation.

Q: Can Omega Media Solutions sell me the TV's, DVD players, Apple TV, speakers, and such that I need for my new home?
A: Yes, we are authorized dealers for many top brands of home electronics and provide warranties for equipment that we sell. Learn more about home audio/video equipment.

Q: Do you sell in install commercial audio/video equipment for restaurants, hotels, offices, and other commercial spaces?
A: Yes, we have a commercial CCB license and have installed automation, speakers, and more in many businesses throughout Central Oregon and Eugene.

Q: I'm building a new home, can you install my almost new TV from my former home?
A: Yes, but how well it integrates with your new system depends on the age and features of your existing equipment. Please mention this in your initial sales meeting so we can best design a system for you.

Q: Will you coordinate with my cabinet designer or interior designer to make sure all of the components like DVD players and receivers fit into my media console cabinet?
A: We're happy to give measurements to any designers you're working with to ensure that your home is amazing.

Q: Can my builder meet with you and tell you what audio/video systems I need?
A: While we are more than happy to meet with your builder, we love to personally meet all of our clients to find out exactly the features that you want and answer any questions you have.

Q: Do you put audio/video systems in every room?
A: We are able to, but want to fit your budget and lifestyle.

Q: We don't want to have to look at a cable box under each TV, is there a way to get around that?
A: Yes, have an excellent option to give you the clean look you want without having to open cabinets or look at boxes all the time.

Q: Can you install audio/video systems anywhere in Oregon?
A: Yes, we primarily work in Bend, Sunriver, Sisters, Redmond, and Brasada Ranch, but we will also travel to Eugene, the Portland area, and other locations in Oregon for large system installations.

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