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Bieber, "The Temptations" and some silly pop star ruined my steak! What seemed like a great date idea led me to reconsider...

When you go out to eat, you often hear background music giving an "atmosphere" to the meal experience. Some music makes the experience enjoyable. I recall one night when my wife and I went out to a high-end restaurant. I heard great things about the steak, so I ordered it. Perfection. A meal that you knew was prepared by a culinary artist. It was art on a plate, but the next three songs in the background ruined my meal! Paying for a meal is one thing, paying for an experience is another. I'm not the best cook, but I'd rather have my own music setting the mood than some overpaid pop star singing about how they are romance specialists.

During the month of February, it seems our collective focus is on how we’ll spend Valentine’s Day. We have a plethora of options, from making reservations and going out to a cozy night in. Technology plays an important role in the evening and some simple tweaks can insure no matter the mood you want to set in your home, you have options.

Often our memories are of an experience, not just occasions. Stories filled with the lines of, “I wish you were there” or “my words can’t do it justice” or even a simple look and a smile shared between you and someone else. At that moment, a song, photo or phrase sparks a memory that sends you back to a place, time or simply put…that moment.

An evening at home can be a simple evening or you can create an experience that will create memories. Mood lighting, the perfect background music, and the TV and surround sound set up for your favorite movie. Little tweaks in technology can enhance any occasion.

Knowing where to start with the latest technology can sometimes feel overwhelming, let alone setting it all up.

Here at Omega Media Solutions, we strive to help you take the complications out of technology and make it simple.

We don’t want you to have to be concerned if the background music will work on that special evening or if the movie you have been wanting to watch can be enjoyed with a movie theater experience. Instead a custom programmed universal remote makes movie watching easy and with scenes controlled from your smart phone, the lighting and sound will be set at the right mood, leaving you to focus on your plans and what you will be having for dessert.

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